Our Programs

Aptitude Test

This is a test for the students to decide their career for their future planning. This test will identify the more develop part of students mind. It will enhance the capacity of understanding in aptitude tests.Aptitude clarifies the learning style of the student.

Leadership Development

21st century is the century of leaders. There are crores of followers but very few are the true and honest leaders. Our main target in these sessions is to develop entrepreneurship in life of the students. The leading attitudes with risk taking capacities are the FOCUS in these sessions.Even 100 lions team may lose with a weak leader in disguise while a true leader is a winner in front of 100 lions.

Team Work Exercises

In the era of Mobile and internet the person is living alone so he is not focused with team work activities. Our main focus in this session is to convince the students that each one is with different qualities and we have to learn from each one. Forming, Norming, Storming and performing are the steps for Team building so will make the strongest member of the team. Remember: Individual may lose, team always wins.

Tracking Camp

We will organize a tracking camp with Rock Climbing, River or Valley Crossing, mountain climbing, Self Defence techniques, Yoga, Jumping, Monkey Crossing, etc. This will be one day camp at any nearby site with all the safety precautions.We will make Intellectual, Emotional and Physical development during these sessions.

Self Realization

We all are meeting to the whole world but we don’t have a single minute to meet our self. This session is mainly designed with self realization concept which deals with SWOT analysis and self actualization. These activities will help students to know about their hidden talents and skills.Through Meditation and activities students can know better themselves.

Spirituality and science

Spirituality is perfect science will be discussed at very young age will help them to be spiritually sound and will be devoted person to the society. We will try to convince all the traditions with systematic analysis that it is a perfect science.In 21st century spiritual quotient will be most important requirement.

Positive Attitude Development

We are living in the era of competitive edge. This is the time when highest competition is faced by each and every student. In this competition each and every decision is crucial so the decision making attitude with positive mindset is always the most important in life. These sessions will help the student in building positivity with practical exercises.We will not teach what positive attitude is but will make positive students.

Goal Setting

Visualization will help them to decide the goal. Goal chart with short and long term planning will enhance the capacity of the students with accurate planning and control. Our main focus is to maintain the pace of studies with goal achievement. This will be catered with goal chart format with the detailed analysis.Finalizing goal is as important as finalizing victory.

Get together

We will design one get together for all school students along with various competitions and activities. We also give prizes and will announce the best student awards and much more...Celebration is the heart of learning and competition is blood for learning so this function will provide both to the students and teachers.

Effective Communication

Communication is the continuous process in this era and it requires the professionalism in dealing with the next generation. This session will mainly focus on non verbal communication, the third party communication and how to avoid miscommunication.World cannot JUST EXIST Without communication.

Value base education system

Indian Ethos and Values will be discussed with clear hierarchy of thought process and also with psychological aspects of our mind and brain. This will be a session after which parents and teachers will be glad that the children will be more loyal to the family and school.Our greatest gift to the world is Our value based education system.


"Tum Chalo to Hindustan Chale" we will concentrate during maximum sessions that an individual action with global thinking can make miracles. Ultimately we are Indian and we feel proud to be an Indian.India is the only country which considered as motherland.

Psychological Test

This is a psychological test on the basis of drawing and aptitude with learning styles. We will counsel each student with their strengths and weaknesses along with learning styles of the students.Types of learners classify the student and will help them to study.

Training In Public Speaking

This is a well designed programme by JCI. In this Presentation skills and public speaking will be taught on the bases of practical exercises and video recording of each students recording and then grooming with personal suggestions.Public Speaking is must for each and everyone but we learn with only trial and error while this will be taught by expert faculties.

Creative activities

In the generation of knowledge power we all know that the information is available with each and every one but the conversion of information into Knowledge is brain game and it requires creative thinking which is available with everyone. We will practically prove that the whole capacity of brain is not utilized and it can be sharpened with our practical activities.No one can teach creativity but we will make creative students.

Vision Development

Visualization of life and goal is the most important activity. So in these sessions we will maximize the level of students to think BIG. Vision development is as important as the mission to plan your activity so we will try to form students with long term vision development and involvement in their every activity.Visualization of success is the half the journey unless you have the mission.

Career Guidance work shop

This session will be specially designed for students of 10th and 12th for their career planning. It will not be just guidance, but detailed analysis of the student along with aptitude and psychological aspects. During this session we will counsel with the parents of the respective students.Career Guidance is as important as Reading Atlas before travelling.